Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sources of Money 5: Zinch A Fun, Wacky Source of Scholarships & More

Logo ZinchOn Tuesdays we review a source of financial aid available to help you pay for college
Cynthia attended one of our workshops and worked with a coach for 3 months to find and apply for scholarships. Her coach introduced her to the Zinch “double your money” scholarship idea. Cynthia used Zinch as one of her many sources of scholarships. She received a $700 dollar scholarship that she found on Zinch. Zinch matched it with another $700.

Advantages Zinch Offers You

Zinch (www.Zinch.com), started by three college students from Utah, encourages students to explore and declare “I am more than a test score.” They answer the question What’s Zinch? with
“Almost all colleges find and recruit students through standardized test scores. Zinch allows students to be seen for what they are -- not just numbers, but people.”
While they offer assistance to students in high school, college, and graduate school, they designed the experience for young, intelligent, and creative people. They interplay between their web site, Facebook, and other forms of social media flows seamlessly. Make sure you read the bios of “History & Vision” under “About Zinch”.
They offer a lot to students:
  • Scholarship search begins listing “249 Results totaling $2,168,006”. The number and dollars decrease as you answer simple questions (4 minutes) defining yourself.
  • They offer a number of interesting sources of financial aid;
    • Double Your Money provides $1.00 matching for any scholarship you receive that you found on Zinch. They begin with a sum of $50,000 on January 1st and award the money on a first-come-first-served until the money is gone
    • Weekly $1,000 scholarships for the best answer to questions like “If you had to design a Mt.Rushmore representing the 2000’s, whose faces would you select?”
    • Articles that provide guidance, hope, and self-esteem to students
    • They offer advice for both applying for college using a portfolio concept.

Cautions About Zinch

  • You must agree to allow them to send information about schools and 3rd parties to register.
  • Many contests
Though we’ve never had anyone complain.
Thursday we will review how to add themes to your reusable master application

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